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It's become increasingly difficult to pigeonhole modern metal bands into just one niche or subgenre. Case in point: Twin Cities-based heavyweights After The Burial, whose music shapeshifts between various strains (including nu-metal, progressive metalcore, technical metal, and even deathcore) with brutal agility. Anthony Notarmaso ranks among the best unclean singers around—his vocals veer between throat-shredding bellows and wicked banshee roars—while songwriter/lead guitarist Trent Hafdahl crafts sick licks and programming that pulverize like a cement mixer.

Of course, it helps that After The Burial have been grinding away in the trenches since 2004, when a group of high school friends—including Hafdahl—decided to form a band. Tireless touring and a self-released effort called ‘Forging a Future Self' soon led to a record deal with respected national label Sumerian Records, which released the group's second album, 2008's ‘Rareform.' 

Over the years, a ferocious work ethic has helped After The Burial persevere in the face of obstacles, such as lineup changes and the tragic death of founding member/songwriter Justin Lowe. But a commitment to hard work has also sent the band on an upward career trajectory that shows no signs of trailing off. Both 2010's ‘In Dreams' and 2013's ‘Wolves Within' peaked near the top of the Heatseekers Albums chart, while 2016's ‘Dig Deep' landed at No. 1 on both the Independent and Hard Rock Albums charts. The latter full-length in particular was a revelation rimming with frantic riffage, barking vocal angst and intricate arrangements that knitted together aggression and nuance.

After The Burial have toured with heavy metal's A-List, including the Acacia Strain, Suicide Silence, Winds of Plague, and Veil of Maya. Spending so much time on the road has only made the group a more formidable live act, and reinforced their commitment to redefining both metal's reality and its possibilities.