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Acerca de AJJ


Phoenix folk-punk foursome AJJ brings plenty of fuzzed-out guitar and ebullient energy to the stage, but their funny and often-absurd lyrics are the real star of the show. The band's irreverent songs tackle everything from existentialism to STDs, and frontman Sean Bonnette delivers his incisive observations a mile a minute in concert. Fans know all the words to flippant favorites like "Brave As a Noun" and "Survival Song," and their energy is infectious as they shout along with Bonnette during the band's boisterous sets. Even if you don't know the lyrics, there's still lots to love about AJJ's shows –  the band is famous for their livewire energy, and their raw, adrenaline-filled performances are matched by a raucous response from the crowd. For those who like their indie rock with a side of humor, AJJ always puts on a killer show that's fun and full of hilarious lines. 


AJJ formed in 2004 under the name Andrew Jackson Jihad and released their debut album Candy Cigarettes & Cap Guns the following year. By 2006 they were a local scene staple, enjoying a loyal following and garnering plenty of praise from Phoenix print publications. They signed to Asian Man Records in 2007 and released their sophomore LP People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World, and in 2008 they headed out on the Make Punk Fun Again Tour alongside fellow punkers including The Queers and Lemuria. The next few years saw the band touring extensively while also maintaining a prolific release schedule that included 2009's Can't Maintain and 2011's Knife Man. For their fifth album, 2014's Christmas Island, the band teamed up with Grammy-winning producer John Congleton and explored a heavier, more distorted sound that resonated with fans. With their 2016 album The Bible 2 generating buzz, AJJ has fans ready and raring to rock out to their witty tunes in concert.