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Ateez on Tour

The K-pop band Ateez stand out for their swift international ascent and muscular sound. The eight-member group — a small army of talent but ordinary by K-pop standards — boasts two rappers, Mingi and leader Hongjoong, and six vocalists. The group draws equally on hip-hop, rock and electronic music, and the two rappers are no beginners: They expertly mingle lyrics in English and Korean, finding unexpected rhymes and convincing swagger. Live shows have been described as explosive, with an intense, brooding energy that sets the band apart in a crowded field. While Ateez have gradually caught on in South Korea, they gained an international fan base quickly, launching the Expedition tour in March 2019 — a scant six months after their debut — which took them through the U.S. and Europe. Their devoted fans (known as ATINY) filled the relatively small venues on that tour, but their fame amplified in the ensuing months. In 2020, The Fellowship: Map the Treasure tour saw the band selling out arenas across Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

Ateez in Concert

Signed by the lesser-known KQ Entertainment, Ateez catapulted over better-funded and connected competition largely thanks to a genuinely vibrant and somewhat dark, intimidating sound. Assembled in 2016, they honed their execution for two years before launching in October 2018 with the songs "Pirate King" and "Treasure," which drew on "The Pirates of the Caribbean" for inspiration. The darker vibe continued on their second EP, with standout hits including the irresistible "HALA HALA" and "Say My Name." On their third EP, they attempted a lighter, more summery sound that caught fans by surprise, though it was no less successful. Still, the band's power lies in their vocal heft (along with some wicked bass drops) and their tight identification with teen fans. (Their name emerges from "A TEEnager Z"; they identify with teenagers from A to Z.) Ateez signed with RCA Records in 2019, which only extended their reach. When asked in a Billboard interview why they're so obsessed with the concept of "treasure," vocalist Seonghwa had this to say: "Everyone has a treasure in their hearts, so we want listeners to be able to find that treasure in us."