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Beto Cuevas

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Acerca de Beto Cuevas

Beto Cuevas in Concert 

Infusing Latin Rock with well-rounded international flair and a penchant for pop, Beto Cuevas is the vocal force that famously led Chilean band La Ley to the top of the country's charts and beyond. Now as a solo artist, he's spent the past decade touring his two solo efforts, along with select cuts from La Ley's thorough discography, all with the same passion and panache that made La Ley so beloved. With 2012's ‘Transformación,' Cuevas expanded beyond the role of rock 'n' roll frontman and into a full-blown pop star who embraces dance and electronic rhythms; his live show is predicated on the convergence of these sounds. Anthemic rock arias, driven by syncopated lighting, exponentially raise the energy for Cuevas' powerful-yet-comforting vocals atop his band's electric display. He can command a stadium crowd but also tour in smaller venues, where fans find a more intimate experience of solo material and La Ley classics, and where anything goes (even jumping into the crowd for a sing-along). His current tour, Beto Cuevas En Concierto, is of the intimate variety and tickets are now on sale. 

Beto Cuevas Background

Born in Chile, Beto Cuevas grew up in Montréal after his family fled their home country to escape a dictatorial regime. In 1988, 21-year-old Cuevas took a trip back to Chile and met members of La Ley, who eventually asked him to join the band as their new lead singer. Cuevas' presence vaulted La Ley to prominence. Eight albums in total included 1991's studio debut ‘Doble Opuesto' and 2000's Best Latin Rock/Alternative Grammy-winning smash, ‘Uno.' Despite perhaps being Chile's most famous rock group, La Ley broke up in 2005, at which time Cuevas transformed himself into a solo force, collaborating with artists such as Shakira, Michael Bublé, and even Flo Rida on the single "Quiero Creer." He recorded two solo albums, whose hits included Top 5 Billboard songs "Vuelvo," "Háblame," and "Un Minuto de Silencio." Then he reunited with La Ley for the band's final album in 2016, ‘Adaptación.'