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In just a few short years, Texan DJ and crunkstep producer Crizzly has gone from being an internet upstart to a staple in the sets of big-name DJs like Diplo and Skrillex. Indeed, bangers like Crizzly's remixes of AJ Hernz' "Snap Back Swag" and Waka Flocka Flame's "Hard in Da Paint" are perfect for the club, and they thump even harder when being delivered by Crizzly himself. The young gun has his finger on the pulse of what's next in electronic dance music, and he'll clue fans in on the next level at his upcoming tour dates.


San Antonio-born [deleted extra space before hyphen] Chris Lee Marshall, a.k.a. Crizzly, began DJing birthday parties in his teens. By 19, he was producing his own tracks, generating significant internet buzz with his remixes of artists like AJ Hernz and Waka Flocka Flame. The young self-starter got an additional boost with his appearance at 2011's Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, where he was able to get his tracks in the hands of Diplo. Before long, his unique brand of crunkstep had made its way into the sets of numerous big-name DJs including Skrillex, Excision, and Datsik. Back on the road for another adrenalin-filled round of shows, Crizzly will keep bodies moving with his razor-sharp sets of dubstep, crunkstep, and dance music-infused hip hop.