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Acerca de Emily Osment

What do Hannah Montana, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles have in common? Emily Osment. The star of Disney’s "Hannah Montana," Emily’s favorite music groups range from classic rock bands to popular teen idols, and her recorded music reflects her music taste perfectly. While the actress has several movies and television shows to her credit, her 2010 breakout album, "Fight or Flight," gained her notoriety in the alternative rock industry and proved her worth as a songwriter. Emily describes the album’s title as “that chemical reaction in your head when you’re faced with fear. You have a choice to fight that or run away.” Tapping on the momentum of the album’s hits, fans eagerly purchased tickets for the 2010 Clap Your Hands Tour, where Emily appeared at several House of Blues concert halls throughout the United States. Not only were fans treated to popular songs, including “Lovesick,” but many of Emily’s hits also paid tribute to her favorite albums, including the Rolling Stones 1969 album, "Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out."

While acting runs in the family, with Emily following the ranks of her father, Michael Eugene Osment, and older brother, Haley Joel, Emily’s mom sparked Emily’s musical talent early on by teaching her how to play guitar. Osment has recorded several hits, including “I Don’t Think About It” and “If I Didn’t Have You.” Before Hannah Montana became a household name, Emily was nominated for her first Young Artist Award in 1999, followed by six more, three of which were for "Hannah Montana." Continuing to pursue both acting and recording, Emily appeared on "The View" in 2010, released two 2011 singles, “Hush” and “Drift” and filmed “No Way Jose” in 2013. Emily is confident that she can continue to balance both careers, and considering she's only in her early 20s, fans can expect the best of both to come.