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British electro house wunderkind Jon Gooch has released music under a number of monikers, but lately it's his Feed Me project that's bringing out the beat heads in droves. Feed Me has quickly become a legend among EDM circles with the Tooth live show set-up, which features Gooch dropping the beat from inside a giant set of chompers while accompanied by an onslaught of unforgettable audiovisuals. The ever-prolific young DJ/producer continues to release material at full tilt, and fans can count on dancing to plenty of new cuts at his upcoming Psychedelic Journey tour dates.


Feed Me, a.k.a. Jon Gooch, got his start in the mid-'00s releasing drum and bass music as Spor. In 2008 he made his debut as Feed Me with "The Spell / Raw Chicken", a 2-track electro house EP released on Deadmau5's mau5trap label. A string of popular singles and EPs released on the imprint followed, paving the way for his 2013 debut album Calamari Tuesday. The album was a success with critics and fans alike, but it was the spectacular live performances delivered from his one-of-a-kind "Tooth" stage treatment that really propelled him to new heights within the EDM community. Back on the road with his Psychedelic Journey tour, Feed Me will treat North American fans to more unforgettable nights of adrenalin-filled dance music.


"The show absolutely rocked. Best lightshow visuals I've ever seen. Music was Feed Me, of course it was excellent."

"The stage was absolutely insane to watch during the show. The music was great and the lighting was just awesome. Just seeing the TEETH all lit up, INSANE!"

"Everything about Feed Me's set was absolutely amazing. Aurally it was fantastic, if you like his material you won't be disappointed - he played everything from old to new. Visually his set cannot be missed. Pictures don't do it justice."