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Acerca de Gerardo Ortiz

With four No. 1 albums in just a few short years, Regional Mexico singer Gerardo Ortiz has ridden a tremendous wave of success to become the contemporary “king of corrido,” the style of narrative ballad popular in Norteño music. Ortiz’s blend of traditional and modern elements and his popularity among young Norteño fans led to a virtual sweep of the 2011 Billboard Mexican Music Awards, earning him six honors including New Artist of the Year and Male Artist of the Year. With the 2012 release of El Primer Ministro, Ortiz once again topped the Latin Albums chart, adding to his collection of hits with accordion-laced ballads about love and loss like “Mañana Voy a Conquistarla” and “Solo Vine a Despedirme.” Ortiz rose to overnight success in 2010 with the release of his major label debut Ni Hoy Ni Mañana, which landed in the Top 5 of the Latin Albums chart and received a Grammy nomination for Best Norteño Album. Ortiz followed up with several chart-topping live albums and his second studio album Entre Dios y el Diablo, which peaked at No. 1 on the Latin Albums chart and included the hit single “Cara A La Muerte.” On tour in 2013, Ortiz has received rave review from ticket buyers for his rousing live concerts, leaving little doubt that a bright future awaits the young singer.