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Avant-garde electronic composer Holly Herndon creates cerebral sample-based music that uses her voice, the mechanical noises of her computer, and even the sounds of her internet browsing activity as the nucleus for her technophilic sound world. In concert she masterfully recreates her intricate, textured songs through live laptop manipulation and ethereal vocal processing, taking ticket buyers on a jaw-dropping journey to the pinnacle of sonic possibility. Herndon is dedicated to making a music of "now", and her painstakingly crafted compositions -- a blend of both organic and artificial sounds -- perfectly encapsulate the blurred boundaries of life in the digital age. It's thought-provoking stuff to be sure, but it's also visceral -- from the skittering scrapes and slices of "Interference" to the hauntingly beautiful layered vocals of "Chorus", Herndon's dynamic live shows appeal equally to the mind and body.


Tennessee-born Holly Herndon first immersed herself in the world of electronic music in the underground techno clubs of Berlin, where she lived as a teenager. After returning to the states she enrolled in the music program at Mills College in Oakland, CA where she received an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media. While in school she began work on her debut album Movement, a pioneering blend of dance music and avant-garde sound programming that earned rave reviews upon its 2012 release. The record's warm reception led to collaborations with creative luminaries like British artist Conrad Shawcross and Iranian writer Reza Negarestani as well as an increasingly busy international performance schedule. Herndon's rise continued in 2014 with the Chorus EP, which garnered praise from Pitchfork and set high hopes for her sophomore album. She delivered in 2015 with Platform, a critical masterstroke released on venerable British imprint 4AD that landed on numerous year-end lists. Herndon continues to mesmerize with her tech-savvy sets on tour while pursuing a doctorate in composition from Stanford University.