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Acerca de Indecision

In early 1984, well before the explosion of extended instrumental concerts, an improvisational band named INDECISION emerged out of Charlottesville, Virginia. Drawing from a wide variety of influences, including The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, The Band, Steely Dan, and Little Feat, as well as the more complex rhythmic and harmonic structure of jazz artists like Dave Brubeck and Billy Cobham, INDECISION forged a unique sound and quickly became a front runner in the relatively new movement of improvisational music known today as the jam band scene.

INDECISION grew from a local Charlottesville band to a national touring act with an avid following from Georgia to Wyoming and Massachusetts to Texas. Along the way, founding members Aaron Evans (guitar), David Ibbeken (guitar), Shawn McCrystal (bass), Craig Dougald (drums), and Danny McCrystal (sound engineer) added Doug Wanamaker (keyboards) and Chris White (acoustic guitar and vocals). INDECISION has released three studio recordings, "Indecision", "Ponder Yonder", and "Reservoir," and one live recording from the Chameleon Club in Atlanta, GA on May 18, 1996.

Although INDECISION no longer tours full time, the members of INDECISION have remained active in the music industry with other projects, as well as continuing to play 12 to 15 shows a year to packed houses of old friends and new fans. The same intelligent songwriting that has been a signature of the band has not been left to stagnate. While remaining loyal to its roots and following, INDECISION continues to keep the music moving forward.