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Progressive metal masters Intronaut have been melting minds for the last decade with their virtuosic blend of complex jazz rhythms and take-no-prisoners metal mayhem.  At their live shows the band pushes their instrumental virtuosity to the max, nailing their intricately syncopated songs with the exactitude of a team of surgeons while fans thrash to the bludgeoning beats. Sophisticated tunes like "Fast Worms" and "Digital Gerrymandering" require a tricky combination of finesse and aggression, and Intronaut always strikes the perfect balance, demonstrating tremendous musical subtlety while also managing to seriously rock. With their jaw-dropping tap guitar solos and dizzying polyrhythmic feats, Intronaut leaves ticket buyers thoroughly impressed—and shaken to the core—every time they unleash their potent brand of prog metal mastery in concert.


Intronaut formed in Los Angeles in 2004 and hit the ground running with an auspicious EP of demos that earned them a deal with Goodfellow Records. They made their debut on the label in 2006 with the LP Void, an impressive collection of experimental metal that drew them out for a European tour in support of The Ocean. After signing with Century Media Records in 2008 the band released their sophomore album Prehistoricisms, which showcased their growing interest in complex jazz-inspired polyrhythms and led to widespread touring in support of bands like Kylesa and Mastodon. Intronaut's third album, 2010's Valley of Smoke, featured more melodic singing and approachable song structures, and the new sound earned the band a Top 20 appearance on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. Their chart success continued with 2013's Habitual Levitations (US Hard Rock No. 14) and 2015's The Direction of Last Things (US Hard Rock No. 7), a pair of ambitious and hard-hitting releases that has fueled the band's continued touring and ever-growing fanbase.