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Psychedelic rock mainstay Iron Butterfly first began bending listeners’ minds with their massive sound more than 50 years ago, and they still bring a heavy dose of their larger-than-life style to the stage today. When the monolithic riffs of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” blast out of the band’s cranked amplifiers, ticket buyers know they’re in for the psychedelic ride of a life time. Along with that classic tune, the booming drums and eerie keyboard lines of other favorites like “Most Anything You Want”, “Flowers and Beads”, and “Filled With Fear” will transport fans back to days when Iron Butterfly was pioneering what would eventually become heavy metal. Buckle up–Iron Butterfly still brings their trademark hard-hitting sound and wild imagination to the stage, and fans are in for a mind-altering journey every time these hard rock heavyweights flex their muscles in concert.


Following years of rivalry, the cream of the crop of San Diego’s psychedelic rock scene joined forces in 1966 to form Iron Butterfly…and changed the face of music forever. After relocating to Los Angeles the group debuted their distorted riffs and extended solos on 1968’s appropriately titled Heavy, but it was their sophomore LP, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, that really broke the mold when they released it later that year. Propelled by the Top 40 success of its 17-minute-long title track, the album smashed all previous sales records and was the first record to ever receive Platinum certification from the RIAA. Although they remained a successful touring unit for the next few years based on the strength of that breakthrough album, the group eventually broke up in 1971. But thanks to numerous reunions and reincarnations over the past several decades, Iron Butterfly has continued to conjure the thick and freaky tones in concert that take fans back to their psychedelic heyday.