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Virtuoso jazz guitarist John Abercrombie continues to push the envelope with his experimental playing technique and avant-garde use of electronic effects. Abercrombie is both a traditionalist and an experimenter -- he remains firmly committed to the intsrument's roots, but his sparing, understated playing style and ambitious timbral palette result in a decidedly progressive sound. His idiosyncratic approach is at its most potent in concert, where the textural nuances of his improvised passages resonate with an organic fluidity that belies their complex nature. Whether he's lending his prodigious chops to post-bop or free jazz, Abercrombie is a passionate, creative, and often surprising player who always impresses on his can't-miss tours.

New York-born, Connecticut-raised John Abercrombie began playing guitar at age 14, teaching himself by playing along to recordings by artists like Chuck Berry. After graduating from Boston's Berklee School of Music, he moved to New York City and quickly became one of the city's most sought-after session players. In 1969 he joined Dreams, a jazz-rock outfit whose rising popularity in the '70s landed Abercrombie on bills with big-name acts like the Doobie Brothers. As his fanbase swelled, he released his 1974 solo debut Timeless, drawing praise from critics for the subdued playing style that he would become known for. Since then he has released more than 30 albums as a bandleader, performed on dozens more as a session player, and traveled the world on numerous tours. Abercrombie continues to captivate with his fluid, contemplative playing style and use of experimental effects at his unforgettable live concerts.