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Over the course of his decade-spanning career, prog rock favorite John Wesley has built a reputation as an all-around nice guy. He's beloved by fans for his warmth and generosity, and known for hanging around after shows to chat with audience members and sign autographs. That endearing side of Wesley's personality is a surprising departure from his onstage persona, which is typically intense and introspective. A supremely talented guitar virtuoso, Wesley delivers unbelievably complicated riffs and solos that are perfectly complimented by his emotionally-charged songwriting. Over the years Wesley has kept his live shows thrillingly diverse -- sometimes he's backed by his full band, which includes another guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer, while at other times he performs solo, accompanied by only his guitar. No matter which setup he's performing with, ticket buyers can expect an unforgettable live experience packed with stunning musicianship.


Progressive rock singer-songwriter and guitarist John Wesley began his career in 1982 when he founded the group Autodrive in his hometown of Tampa, Florida. The band was an integral part of the Florida rock showcase circuit for nearly a decade, touring heavily but ultimately failing to acquire the a record deal. After Autodrive called it quits in 1991, Wesley joined British prog rockers Marillion as a guitarist on their world tour. He was soon promoted as their opening act, a position he held for seven consecutive tours. In 1998 Wesley joined ex-White Lion frontman Mike Tramp as the opening act on Peter Frampton and Lynryd Skynryd's mega-popular tour. He followed it up with a string of shows alongside Marillion's former singer, Fish, whose album Fellini Days he helped produce and co-write. In 2002 Wesley joined yet another tour -- with English rockers Porcupine Tree -- which would prove to be his longest and most well-known collaboration. He has since recorded four albums with the band and performed with them at more than 450 live shows. In addition to his extensive touring, Wesley has released six solo albums since 1994. His latest, 2014's Disconnect, is a brooding collection of songs brimming with his signature melancholy lyricism and entrancing guitar solos. In 2014 Wesley delighted fans with the announcement of world tour dates with Flying Colours, Living Color, and Big Elf.