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Kany García In Concert

Honesty, credibility, and soulfulness are the hallmarks of world-class Latin pop star Kany García. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter has been a potent presence in Latin music since 2007, when her debut album ‘Cualquier Día' (Any Day) generated four hit singles, including "Hoy Ya Me Voy" (Today I'm Going), on Billboard's Latin charts and earned her Latin Grammy awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Album and Best New Artist.

García's robust voice and guitar playing have only grown stronger over a series of albums, all written or co-written by her, that mix passionate romantic tracks and confessional sincerity with a concern for social issues such as domestic violence. The conservatory-trained artist has also written tracks for Ha*Ash, Ednita Nazario, Pedro Capó, and Chayanne.

Born in 1982 to a former Catholic priest and a choir director, Encarnita "Kany" García de Jesús almost missed out on having any career at all when she nearly died in a car accident shortly after being accepted as a contestant on Puerto Rico's televised vocal competition ‘Objetivo Fama.'

García's second album, ‘Boleto de Entrada' (Entry Ticket), concentrated on pop, rock, and balladry. The track "Para Volver a Amar" (To Love Again) became the theme song of an anti-sexual violence campaign in Puerto Rico, and her 2011 Christmas song "Yo No Tengo Nah" (I Don't Have Nothing) benefited a mental-health institute. Her 2012 release, ‘Kany García,' debuted at the top of Puerto Rico's pop chart with its surprising assortment of plena, bomba, and cumbia tunes.

A few months before releasing her joyfully optimistic hit album ‘Limonada' in 2016, García bravely announced that she was leaving her guitarist husband for a same-sex relationship with her personal trainer. "In the world we live in, anyone who says it wasn't scary to talk about the subject is lying," she said two years later while discussing her new release ‘Soy Yo' (I Am Me).

By speaking her truth, both on recordings and off, Kany has become a respected pillar of Latin pop power, with a personal brand that extends to a line of jeans for girls and a citrus-oriented perfume called "Up." But it's her intimate and relatable music that makes Kany García nothing less than the Latina Joni Mitchell.