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Martik in Concert

Martik was born in 1949 to parents of Armenian descent in Abadan, Iran, a small island that lies on both the Iraq border and the Persian Gulf. He was just 15 years old when he began his career as a professional musician. By the time the shah was overthrown in 1979, he had established himself as one of his country's musical stars, known for his smooth voice and expert guitar playing. 

Martik earned his big break when, eight years earlier, he accompanied Googoosh at her landmark Eiffel Tower concerts. By the middle of the decade, he was singing with her on Iranian TV programs like the pop showcase ‘Rangarang.' 

Martik's own work often featured distinctive arrangements by the composer Sadegh Nojouki and poetic lyrics by artists like Zoya Zakarian. Though the 1979 revolution turned his world upside-down, he soon re-established himself in Los Angeles, where he has released album after album over the last 30 years. 

His latest, ‘Sayehneshin' from 2015, makes room for both tight grooves and sweeping orchestration, with Martik's voice sounding as soft as ever — and at times, even richer than before. That voice will returned to the stage in 2018, when he reunited with his old partner Googoosh. 

The show marked the duo's first performances together since the 1970s. Unlike Martik, Googoosh remained in Iran after the revolution, even though the country's new religious laws banned her from singing in public. She didn't perform again until 2000, when she petitioned to book shows abroad. 

Her comeback tours have all been a resounding success, but the reunion with Martik is particularly special. When Martik made a guest appearance at her show at the Hollywood Bowl on May 12, he entered and left the stage to a stadium ovation.