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Acerca de Mat Zo

It didn’t take long for British composer, DJ and music producer Matar Zohan’s (a.k.a. Mat Zo) debut album Damage Control to reach a global audience. The 2013 album immediately received critical acclaim, especially the tracks “Easy” (a collaboration with Porter Robinson) and “Little Damage.” The album became wildly popular within in the club circuit, and before long, Mat Zo tickets became hot commodities within the electronic music world. His sound is greatly influenced by the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, and his remixes, original mixes, production work, and LIVE skills have been praised by other elite DJs including DJ Tarkan, Markus Shultz and Andy Moore. He’s not only prodigious within the progressive house and trance genres, but he also exercises his breakbeat skills under the name MRSA—his side D&B project. Unsurprisingly, Mat Zo comes from artistic stock, with his mother a professional violin player, his father (Isreal Zohar) a celebrated Israeli painter, and his half-sister (Alma Zohar) a successful Israeli singer.