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Improvisatory rock gurus Max Creek have been jamming with the best of them for more than four decades, with no signs of slowing down. The group's unique sound combines elements of country, touches of Grateful Dead-era psychedelic rock, and the experimental sensibility of bands like Phish. Not surprisingly, Phish bassist Mike Gordon lists Max Creek among his favorite bands, a fact that underscores the group's enduring influence in jam rock circles. Max Creek's marathon live shows feature virtuosic solos, extended breakdowns, and plenty of improvisation, making for a dynamic concert experience that's heavy on stellar musicianship and full of unexpected surprises.


Connecticut jam rock outfit Max Creek was formed in 1971 by guitarist Dave Reed, bassist John Rider, and drummer Bob Gosselin. The group got their start playing country music, but by the mid-'70s they had moved towards the psych rock sound popularized by the Grateful Dead. Despite several early lineup changes the band always landed on its feet, and in 1977 they released their self-titled debut album. A string of improv-heavy albums followed in the '80s and '90s, establishing them as pioneers of the jam band movement later associated with groups like Phish. They became legendary for their epic three-hour live shows, and by the late '80s they were averaging 200 performances a year. After taking some time off in the '90s to focus on family, the band returned in 2000 with a string of concerts and a live album recorded at the Connecticut Expo Center. They continue to be a favorite with ticket buyers for their unbridled creativity, prodigious chops, and vibrant live shows on tour.