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New York post-rock quartet Moving Mountains makes a point of continually evolving their sound, but the impact of their powerful, cathartic live shows remains a constant. In concert the band creates a massive wall of tones and textures, flooring audiences with an immersive onslaught of layered guitar, driving drums, and undulating basslines. Leading the charge is frontman Gregory Dunn, a charismatic performer who effortlessly commands the stage whether he's screaming on hard-hitters like "My Life Is a Chase Dream" or crooning on more introspective tracks like "Sol Solis". The band went on hiatus in 2013 but returned with a new sound for their 2015 split EP with Prawns (violins, anyone?), and fans are dying for a chance to experience the band's rebirth in the flesh when they hit the road on tour. 


Moving Mountains was formed in Westchester, New York in 2005 by Gregory Dunn (guitar/vocals) and Nicholas Pizzolato (drums). The pair released a self-titled demo in 2006, and in 2007 they made their full-length debut with Pneuma, which Dunn wrote and produced while still in high school. They originally intended Moving Mountains to be a studio project only, but after their debut caught on and was rereleased by Deep Elm Records they put together a full band and began playing live shows. For their 2010 sophomore album Waves the band wanted to incorporate the sound of their live performances, and the result paid off -- the record got an 85% on AbsolutePunk and drew the band out for extensive touring. Following the release of a self-titled third album in 2013 the band went on hiatus, but to true to form they returned with an overhauled sound in 2015 for a split EP with Jersey indie rockers Prawn.