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Acerca de Mudvayne

Mudvayne have released five discs, the latest offering being 2009’s self-tilted LP, as well as two compilations and two DVDs. The single "Happy?" off the band's third album, Lost and Found, reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Tracks chart. Mudvayne’s musical influences include Tool, Faith No More, Skinny Puppy and King Crimson. The band’s concerts are defined by their elaborate visual aesthetic. Taking inspiration from acts like KISS and Alice Cooper, Mudvayne adopted horror-film-style makeup for several of their live performances. Over the years, ticket holders have been treated to a bizarre and ever-changing stage appearance, as members of Mudvayne have entertained fans by dressing up as aliens or wearing uniforms to form alter-ego stage personas. While the band has since stopped wearing makeup for their live shows, their concerts are still a visual feast. 

Described by music critics as math metal, nu metal, shock rock and neo-progressive rock, Mudvayne’s sonic musical experimentation is difficult to classify. Chad Gray, Greg Tribbett, Ryan Martinie and Matthew McDonough formed Mudvayne in 1996, and the band was a pivotal part of the Illinois underground scene. The band released their debut album L.D. 50 in 2000, but did not achieve critical or commercial success until their sophomore album, The End of All Things to Come. "Not Falling" was the album's first single, and it was promoted using three different music videos. Mudvayne have been a mainstay at metal festivals around the world, touring with Metallica on the Summer Sanitarium Tour, as well as with Slayer and Sevendust on the Tattoo the Earth Tour. The band have sold six million records worldwide, and their complicated prog-rock arrangements, staccato riffing and electro-jazz flourishes set them apart from other metal bands, which rely more on simple but thundering power chords.