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Nice Peter


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Acerca de Nice Peter


Nice Peter, a.k.a. Peter Shukoff, took his musical comedy show on tour in 2013, making himself available in the flesh to the millions of YouTube subscribers  who fueled his success. Featuring extensive audience interaction and improvisation, his hilarious live performances have become a favorite with music and comedy fans alike for their blend of musical showmanship and pop culture critique.


Nice Peter became a YouTube sensation in the 2000's after uploading a series of comedic acoustic guitar songs in the vein of Tenacious D and Weezer.  In 2010, he joined forces with creative partner Lloyd Ahlquist for the channel Epic Rap Battles of History, which featured various historical and pop culture figures engaging in rap battles -- “Abraham Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris,” “Darth Vader vs. Hitler” and “Donald Trump vs. Ebenezer Scrooge,” to name just a few. As for his solo music, no subject matter is off limits, making him a favorite among fans of music that pushes the lyrical envelope.