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Pigeons Playing Ping Pong in Concert

Funky jam group Pigeons Playing Ping Pong formed in 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland, when its original members met in a University of Maryland dorm. Releasing their first LP, ‘Funk E P,' the following year, the band would quickly find their sound in an explosive, energetic mix of funk, jazz, and electronic music reminiscent of Phish, Lettuce, and even the Grateful Dead. Their second album, ‘Psychology' (2014), upped their game and featured better production, tighter songwriting, and more focused singing from vocalists Greg Ormont, Jeremy Schon, and Ben Carrey. In 2016's ‘Pleasure,' the band delivered a cornucopia of wailing organs, sprawling melodies, shimmering backbeats, and groovy riffs. The group served up more lighthearted, sprawling psych-tinged funk with 2017's ‘Pizazz.' Their single "Doc" found them thriving with crisp horns and saxophones, while the seductive, groovy "Somethin' For Ya" shows how a little disco goes a long way when it comes to infusing their music with sexiness. 

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong has taken on a pretty hearty touring schedule, sometimes playing up to 200 shows a year. In addition, they've hosted Domefest in Bedford, Pennsylvania, since 2009, attracting nearly 2,000 people every year. Their passionate fanbase, affectionately called "The Flock," turns out to see them whenever possible, including for their New Year's Eve headlining shows. This in addition to their numerous officially released live recordings, which give a window into the raucous parties that are Pigeons Playing Ping Pong shows. 2017's ‘The Great Outdoors Jam' captured the ethereal vibes, locked-in grooves, and wayward solos that can be found in their live shows. In 2018, they hit their first Bonnaroo, continuing their ascent. As guitarist and singer Jeremy Schon tells it, their live show "puts out as much energy as possible and promotes lightheartedness and positivity." Suffice it to say, these funk obsessives must be seen live to be truly experienced.