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Randy Rogers Band In Concert

A concert by the Randy Rogers Band is all about connection. After all, the band's entire career is based on its symbiotic relationship with its hard-core, grassroots following. Rogers and company carved out a successful career without catering to the country music mainstream, bouncing its sound instead off of its hardy Southwestern fan base and having it reflected back at them. No matter how big the audience is at a Randy Rogers Band show, the group doesn't employ any sort of technological tricks or pyrotechnics to get the crowd riled up. Instead they rely on purely musical excitement and good old-fashioned enthusiasm for what they're doing. And whether they're dipping into deep cuts from their long history or banging out some of their best-known tunes like "Kiss Me in the Dark" and "In My Arms Instead," Randy and the boys forge a bond with the fans every time they step out onstage. 

Randy Rogers Band Background

The Randy Rogers Band are among the prime architects of the homegrown country music movement known as the Texas Red Dirt scene, a grassroots phenomenon that has its core in both the Lone Star State and Oklahoma. Singer/songwriter Rogers formed the band in 2000 with guitarist Geoffrey Hill, bassist Jon Richardson, fiddler Brady Blade, multi-instrumentalist Todd Stewart, and drummer Les Lawless, and true to their all-for-one spirit, they maintained that same lineup through many years of recording and heavy-duty touring. With their blend of honky-tonk, outlaw country, folk-rock, and singer/songwriter influences, the Randy Rogers Band has created a singular style that's instantly accessible but bears none of the trappings of modern-day pop country. Never lacking in nuance, the band has nonetheless maintained a very real, organic sound while still managing to land album after album in the upper rungs of the country charts, from their breakthrough third album, 2006's Just a Matter of Time onward.