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Richard Cheese has kept audiences rolling in the aisles for well over a decade with his hilarious, swinging versions of Top 40 tunes. Sporting a tiger-striped tuxedo jacket and oozing with lounge singer charisma, he delivers an uproarious show packed with Vegas-style renditions of modern rock, metal, and hip hop favorites. The humorous dissonance between the hip songs he sings and the oh-so-cheesy way he sings them always has fans in stitches, and itís even more effective in concert. On stage Richard Cheese charms with his classic showmanship and the impressive skills of his trusty (and brilliantly named) backing band Lounge Against the Machine. The good times never stop as Cheese keeps the crowd hooked with his cool demeanor and sly quips between songs. Fans can expect an evening of old-school classiness, modern day crassness, and plenty of laughs whenever Richard Cheese performs in concert.


Mark Jonathan Davis found an instant niche when he premiered his Richard Cheese persona in 2000, shaking up a musical martini that drew inspiration from metal, rap, and punk. After gathering some Vegas-tested jazz musicians to form Lounge Against the Machine, he soon became a favorite of radio shock jocks with his covers of Nine Inch Nailsí ìCloserî and Nirvanaís ìRape Meî. Fans flocked to the novel sound, buying out copies of his 2002 sophomore album Tuxicity. After making the rounds on radio shows like Howard Stern and The Opie & Anthony Show, Cheese began to appear on TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Last Call with Carson Daly, and NBCís Las Vegas. Following a brief hiatus from touring and performing in 2014, Richard Cheese has been back on the road full-time and satisfying fans with all his ìswankifiedî covers of bawdy hits.