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Witnessing a silent disco for the very first time can be a pretty surreal experience. Prepare to step into a room full of people moving their feet, wriggling their limbs, and shaking their hips to seemingly nothing. But being part of the action itself is far more thrilling. All you need to do is grab a set of wireless headphones and get lost in the music. Being part of a silent disco gives a whole new meaning to the idea of “dancing like no one’s watching.”

The setup for a silent disco isn’t too different from a regular dance party. The DJ still does their thing, but instead of having an elaborate speaker setup, the music is broadcast via a radio transmitter and the signal is then picked up by the wireless headphones. So, unless you have a set of those headphones, you won’t hear any of the DJ’s set. 

Over the years, as technology has gotten more advanced, up to three DJs can now broadcast their tunes at the same time through different channels that participants can switch between at their leisure. Along with a few solid DJ sets, the lighting and ambience is key to an overall stunning sensory experience.

One of the first major companies to embrace the silent disco phenomenon was San Francisco’s HUSHconcerts (who were known as “Silent Frisco” when they launched in 2007). They kicked off a Silent Disco tour in 2008 that landed in cities around the U.S. 

Silent discos have also been a favorite event at many music festivals, and in the last decade or so they’ve been steadily gaining popularity at nightclubs, parks, beaches, and even weddings around the world. Since they are typically quiet events — for obvious reasons — they are especially great for late-night revelers as they can go long into the night without disturbing the neighborhood.