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Strand of Oaks brings folk traditions into the modern age with their rocking edge and gritty but ultimately uplifting subject matter. Band leader Timothy Showalter creates a brooding atmosphere on stage by etching out haunting melodies on his distorted guitar while his harrowing lyrics move audiences with their evocative imagery. The never-say-die attitude of his songs gives audiences the impression Showalter refuses to stop fighting, sweeping fans up in the tidal wave of his raw emotions and unrelenting energy. The rest of the band imbues the songs with the same blend of elegiac beauty and unstoppable momentum, making for a truly powerful experience that is sure to stay with ticket buyers long after the concert ends. The up-and-coming folk rockers are sure to wow fans and win an even bigger following as they tour in support of their breakout 2014 album HEAL.




Timothy Showalter (born in 1982 in Goshen, IN) has survived just about every imaginable setback on his way to musical success. After a shattered marriage, he relocated to Wilkes-Barre, PA in 2003, but returned from touring only to learn that his house had burned down. While he slept on park benches or in hotel rooms, he developed the gritty world-weariness that defined his earliest folk songs. Albums like Leave Ruin (2009) and Pope Killdragon (2010) earned him a dedicated following, but Showalter has expressed remorse that he couldnÕt be himself on these records. Following a near-fatal driving accident, he decided that it was time to drop the pretense and embrace the indie rock sound he had always adored. Within weeks of the accident he had reworked several demos, whittling down the material that would comprise 2014Õs HEAL. His perseverance paid off when the album was a huge critical success, landing on best-of lists in publications like Paste, Stereogum, and Consequence of Sound. Showalter and Strand of Oaks continue to win over new fans with earnest and endearing performances of their touching folk rock masterpieces on tour.