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After reuniting in 2014 following a decade-long hiatus, metalheads Superjoint continue to get audiences around the world headbanging along to their sludgy sound on every hard hitting anthem. Larger-than-life frontman Phil Anselmo picks up where he left off with Pantera, commanding the stage at the band’s live shows as he growls and screams his way through tales of alienation and anguish. The rest of the band inspires mosh pit insanity as they dole out monster riffs with punk rock intensity on songs like "The Alcoholik", "Dress Like a Target", and "Waiting for the Turning Point". Ticket buyers looking for a groove metal throwdown won’t be disappointed by the furious sound that Superjoint brings to every stage they play on tour.




Phil Anselmo has said that he was a shy and quiet child growing up in New Orleans, LA—but you’d never know it judging from his music career. Anselmo joined Pantera in 1986 when he was 19 years old and his growling vocals instantly helped shape their mid-tempo groove metal sound. As Pantera ascended to legendary status in the metal world, Anselmo started Superjoint Ritual as a side project with Joe Fazzio (drums) and Jimmy Bower (guitar). Though they performed together in the ‘90s, they didn’t issue their 2002 debut Use Once and Destroy until Pantera had nearly broken up. They returned a year later with A Lethal Dose of American Hatred, but Anselmo soon switched his focus to working with the supergroup Down. In 2014 he revived the project with a refreshed roster to play at his Housecore Records party, performing under the truncated name Superjoint. Upon reforming, Anselmo and company delighted hardcore metal fans across the country with the announcement of a reunion tour.