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Canadian psychobilly outfit The Creepshow combines a deep love for cult horror films and combines it with a heaping helping of rock and roll to arrive at their unique sound. The group's live shows are immersive experiences, treating fans to a story-filled journey full of shady characters and nightmarish fever dreams, all lorded over by intensely charismatic frontwoman Kenda "Twisted" Legaspi. Rounding out the group's shows are guitar, drums, keys, and the warm tones of an upright bass, which lends their old-timey tunes a decidedly vintage sound. Whether they're telling the tale of the "Demon Lover" or basking in the eerie glow of "The Garden", The Creepshow always treats ticket buyers to a cinematic concert experience full of goosebump-inducing, sing-along-worthy tunes.


The Creepshow was formed in Ontario, Canada in 2005 by four musicians who were heavily involved in the area's "905" music scene. The band signed to local label Stereo Dynamite that same year, and in 2006 they released their debut album Sell Your Soul. The record got picked up for distribution by EMI, expanding The Creepshow's reach and helping them build a loyal fanbase. Founding lead vocalist Jen "Hellcat" Blackwood left the band to have a baby in 2007 and was quickly replaced by her younger sister Sarah "Sin" Blackwood. Sarah fronted the band on their next two albums -- 2008's Run for Your Life and 2010's They All Fall Down -- as well as extensive North American and European touring. In 2012 she left the band to pursue another project and was replaced by Kenda "Twisted" Legaspi, who made her debut with The Creepshow on their 2013 album Life After Death. Since then Legaspi and company have continued to captivate with their unique sound on tour, treating fans to wildly entertaining performances of their hair-raising songs.