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The Ex whip up a polyrhythmic post-punk pandemonium every time they take the stage, rocking fans with a furious sound that harkens back to the heyday of bands like Wire, Gang of Four, and Sonic Youth. In concert they carve out tales of disenfranchised angst with off-beat anthems like “Every Sixth Is Cracked”, “Four Billion Tulip Bulbs”, and “How Thick You Think”. The band’s triple guitar attack crescendos with unorthodox harmonies and minimalist riffs while the drummer provides funky beats to give each song a dementedly danceable groove. With their potent mix of sonic experimentation and socially conscious lyrics, The Ex always deliver an electrifying post-punk concert experience that ticket buyers simply won’t be able to forget.


The musical journey of Dutch post-punk standard-bearers The Ex began in Amsterdam in 1979. Their earliest incarnation brought anarcho-punk to the Netherlands and featured guitarist Terrie Hessels, singer G.W. Sok, and drummer Guert van Gisteren. The group has seen a considerable amount of roster turnover and musical evolution since their 1980 debut album Disturbing the Peace, with Hessels the only consistent member. Skilled drummer Katherine Bornefeld came on board in 1984, instantly enhancing the band’s latent polyrhythmic potential. In 1990 they expanded to a five piece with second guitarist Andy Moor, precipitating fruitful collaborations with artists like Sonic Youth, Tom Cora, Tortoise, and Chumbawamba. 2009 saw the exit of longtime vocalist Sok to be replaced by guitarist and vocalist Arnold de Boer. More than 35 years and a dozen albums later, The Ex continue to rock stages around the world with their uncompromising songs of social protest.