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The Oriental Acromagic Show will be hosted by the Beijing Xueming Art Troupe, a private performance show troupe. The show is a fusion of 3000 year-old tradition of Chinese magic with multidisciplinary of Western-style illusion, Sichuan-opera mask-changing and Shaolin kungfu. The show’s name symbolizes two elements: acrobatics and magic.
Founded in 2000 as the first private owned professional theatrical performance groups in Beijing, Xueming Art Troupe has grown to 120 performers in the past decade.
Xueming troupe will hold a month-long North American tour in July 2014, as part of it the Calgary stop is scheduled for July 12th in Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.
Shaolin kungfu, Qi strength, diabolo, jujitsu among other stunning magic programs with its superb artistry will lay a wonderful visual feast in front of you. The entire show is presented with elaborately and imaginatively designed costumes to embellish amazingly fit and limber circus artists as they perform feats of flexibility, balance, strength and dance.