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Acerca de The Soft Moon


Bay area post-punk outfit The Soft Moon creates shadowy, driving tunes that incorporate period-perfect elements from the best of '80s darkwave, goth rock, and industrial. The Soft Moon is the studio project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Luis Vasquez, but on the road it expands to a blistering four-piece as Vasquez is joined by a rotating lineup of drummers, bass guitarists, and synth players. Together they churn out brooding, danceable cuts like "Die Life" and "Breathe the Fire" with an icy intensity that always gets ticket buyers rocking their bodies and begging for more.


The Soft Moon began in Oakland, CA in 2009 as the bedroom recording project of Luis Vasquez. His retro sound and melancholy songs quickly garnered the attention of indie record label Captured Tracks, and in 2010 they issued his self-titled debut album. The record -- written, performed, and produced entirely by Vasquez -- was a hit with critics and earned him a strong underground fanbase. After extensive touring Vasquez returned to the studio and in 2012 he released the album Zeros, again assuming all writing and performing duties. With his third album -- 2015's Deeper -- already generating critical buzz, fans are chomping at the bit to catch one of The Soft Moon's electrifying full-band performances on tour.