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Acerca de The Whitest Boy Alive

The Whitest Boy Alive are coming to Australia for a long overdue headline tour this January!
The exciting Berlin based group create amazingly energetic pop that bridges the gap between dance and rock, with influences from Talking Heads to Daft Punk, and an enigmatic live presence that is known for shaking dance floors around the world.
The band is made up of guitarist/vocalist Erlend Øye, bassist Marcin Öz, drummer Sebastian Maschat and keyboardist Daniel Nentwig. Lead man Erlend Øye's history with live bands started as half of Norway's Kings of Convenience, a group know for large amounts of acoustic of guitar, wistful vocals and the softer side of computer music.
Øye's success with Kings of Convenience, drove his desire to make music even further, working with fellow Norwegian group Röyksopp, writing his own solo album Unrest with cult dance producers such as Morgan Geist of Metro Area and Prefuse 73, and forming The Whitest Boy Alive with cult berlin techno DJ Highfish (bassist Marcin Öz).
Originally starting as an 'electronic dance music project' the Whitest Boy Alive have now fully evolved into a 4 piece live band with no programmed elements at all. And while the instruments resemble that of many an indie band, the approach they employ on stage creates something truly unique.
"We've developed an interesting feature on tour: gluing the songs together like a DJ does to further encourage dancing among the audience." said Erlend to Time Out Hong Kong earlier this year.
The Whitest Boy Alive have crafted two critically acclaimed albums, Dreams [2006] featuring classic tunes Burning, Golden Cage and Inflation and Rules [2009] with the incredibly catchy 1517, Courage and Intentions, with both albums released on their very own label Bubbles.
Future Classic is very proud to announce this tour as we've been fans and supporter of The Whitest Boy Alive since they began - it also sounds like there's a new album on the way..