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Todd Carey "tested" more than 70 original songs on tour before releasing his fifth album, 2014's Future Throwback. The 11 top crowd pleasers eventually made the cut, proving his dedication to fans both on stage and in the studio. Carey's catchy pop songs are tinged with R&B and soul influences, earning comparisons to Jason Mraz and John Mayer (Carey has opened  for both on tour). In concert he alternates between intimate, acoustic serenades and rollicking pop anthems like "Ninetendo", treating ticket buyers to a stylistically diverse and thoroughly enjoyable ride.


Singer-songwriter Todd Carey was born and raised near Chicago where he picked up the guitar at a young age after exposure to early influences Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Later as a music major at the University of Southern California he formed Telepathy, a popular jam band that released one EP and three live albums before dissolving after graduation. It was then that Carey returned to Chicago to launch his solo career. He kicked things off in 2003 with his studio debut Elevate, and followed up four years later with the album Watching Waiting. By then Carey had become a fixture on the live circuit and spent two years touring extensively in support of acts like Bushwalla and Brendan James. Following his 2010 EP After The Morning After - which debuted in iTunes' Top 40 pop charts - Carey worked tirelessly putting together his next studio release. The result, 2014's Future Throwback, showcases his savvy pop sensibilities and infectious energy -- qualities that are amplified at his crowd-pleasing live performances.