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Indie rock pioneers Yo La Tengo have brought a sophisticated edge to underground rock for the past 30 years, and they show no signs of slowing down in terms of creativity or quality. The band's eclectic sound touches on everything from meditative serenity to noisy punk aggression, and they're just as likely to groove on soulful ditties like “Mr. Tough” as brooding folk ragas like “Before We Run”. Frontman Ira Kaplan skillfully navigates these diverse genres with effortless confidence,  bringing insightful gems like "Autumn Sweater" and "Cherry Chapstick" to life with his breathy vocals, world-wise lyrics, and experimental guitar techniques. With audiences and critics still unraveling the lyrical complexity and musical diversity of their 2015 album Stuff Like That There, Yo La Tengo are sure to offer a soul-searching and heart-racing concert experience for ticket buyers whenever they go on tour.


Husband and wife duo Ira Kaplan (vocals/guitar/keys) and Georgia Hubley (percussion/vocals) began making music together as Yo La Tengo -- Spanish for “I’ve got it!” -- in 1984. The Hoboken, NJ couple originally went through several lineup changes on their way to releasing their 1986 debut Ride the Tiger. The duo began to pick up commercial success with the 1989 release of President Yo La Tengo, which also kicked off a long love affair with music critics that continues to this day. The band finally settled on a consistent bassist/backing vocalist/multi-instrumentalist in James McNew, who joined the group on their 1992 album May I Sing with Me. The solidified lineup explored electronic instrumentation during the ‘90s, and remained fruitful as elder statesmen of the exploding indie scene in the ‘00s. In recent years the band has continued to experiment both on stage and in the studio, thrilling devoted fans and new converts alike as they continue to make some of the most restlessly creative and eclectic music available.