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Acerca de Netsky


Not to be confused with his computer virus namesake, Belgian drum and bass producer Netsky has been turning the game on its head with his live realizations of the genre's traditionally DJ’d sounds. Tracks like "Come Alive" and "Love Has Gone" take on new depth when performed live by Netsky and his talented band, and fans hungry for more after his 2013 tour are in luck — Netsky returns to North America in 2014 for a handful of sought after club dates that are sure to get hearts — and feet — racing.


In just five short years, Belgian-born drum and bass wunderkind Netsky has risen from young D'n'B upstart to one of the most exciting artists in the genre. Since signing to Hospital Records 2009, he has steadily climbed the ranks, becoming a veritable star in his native country and gaining a cult following overseas with bangers like "Moving With You" and "Give and Take." His liquid funk style of drum and bass emphasizes intricate instrumental layering and prominent vocals, making it well-suited for live performance — a fact he takes excellent advantage of with his signature live shows featuring a full backing band.


"Too epic for words. I lost my head throughout most of the show. Long live Netsky!"

"There are no words that can describe how amazing this experience was! A live band playing liquid DnB!!! The energy of a live band playing EDM felt different in a very positive way!"

"The music was phenomenal and it was really cool to see his music played live rather than 'DJ'd.'"