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Thereís a reason they call Iggy Pop the Godfather of Punk -- he was one of the first to tap into the raw power of rock and combine it with snarling attitude to create a new genre of music. Whether heís swinging the microphone over his head, running around the stage, or contorting his body into a provocative pose, fans canít take their eyes off the uninhibited frontman anytime he performs. Pop oozes rock and roll swagger as he screams into the microphone on ìI Wanna Be Your Dogî, but he's just as compelling when he shifts moods for the cool sexiness of ìNight Clubbingî or the gleeful abandon of ìReal Wild Childî. Now Pop is back on the road with special guests Josh Homme, Dean Fertita, and Matt Helders to bring the Post Pop Depression tour to fans across North America. When an icon like Iggy Pop teams up with some of alternative rockís best musicians, fans can count on explosive performances theyíll definitely want to see go off.


James Osterberg, Jr. grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, where his parents gave him unlimited freedom to explore his creative whims. After playing in various bands (including The Iguanas, which inspired him to change his name to Iggy Pop), he started the hard-driving rock band The Stooges with three of his high school friends. At the Stooges early shows, Iggyís stage antics became the stuff of punk rock myth, ranging from self-mutilation to bizarre surprises like smearing peanut butter all over his body. The three albums the band released -- a self-titled debut (1969), Fun House (1970), and Raw Power (1973) -- are some of the most important precursors to the punk rock movement. But in 1974 the band called it quits due to financial issues and Popís increasingly debilitating drug dependency. Fortunately, he made fast friends with David Bowie, who employed Pop (one of his biggest musical influences) as a backup singer. The two moved to Berlin in 1977 to get clean together and record Iggyís solo debut, The Idiot. Popís fortunes finally changed for good in 1983 when Bowieís version of ìLittle China Girlî (which he co-wrote) became a huge hit for the British rocker. The influx of cash helped support Iggy while he went into rehab, and in 1986 he re-emerged with his first chart hit ìReal Wild Childî. Pop reunited with The Stooges in 2004, playing shows to packed houses and finally enjoying the fruits of the punk rock movement that he had helped inspire. Despite his winding road to success, Iggy Pop is now regarded as one of rock's most influential musicians, both for his boundary-pushing live performances and his flair for reinvention in the studio. In 2016 Pop joined forces with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) for the album Post Pop Depression, which the pair will support with a highly anticipated tour.