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Taking back Sunday’s third album Louder Now propelled the band into the mainstream, peaking at at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. Having recently completed an impressive 10th anniversary tour, rock band Taking Back Sunday is now looking forward to a second decade of success. Those who were at the “Tell All Your Friends” tour in 2012 sang along with the band as lights flashed on stage. Lead singer Adam Lazzara roamed the stage and leaned into the crowd as her performed, making his presence larger than life. The band's last album is the eponymous Taking Back Sunday, which, like the concert tour, brought back the earlier rock style that had first made the band so popular when it released "Tell All Your Friends" in 2002.

Prior to the 2002 release of debut album Tell All Your Friends, Taking Back Sunday began in 1999 as a musical effort spearheaded by Eddie Reyes. In the band's first few years of existence, it experienced several lineup changes. However, by 2006, an improved relationship among the band's new lineup allowed for the recording and release of the group's breakthrough album, Louder Now. As the band's first full-length album produced by a major record label, Louder Now signified a major departure from the band's original style. This album personified the renewed energy and vigor possessed by the group, a quality many fans noticed in concert. Since then, Taking Back Sunday has continued to impress with its vitality, even as it’s incorporated some of its earlier musical elements in "New Again" and "Taking Back Sunday." Fans are eager to hear what new direction the group will take as it announced an upcoming 2014 album on Twitter.